Why Allen, TX is the Best Place to Live - A Dog's Eye-View

KatieHi, my name is Katie and I am a much-loved Miniature Schnauzer who calls Allen, Texas home.  I love living in Allen as much as my humans do.  



One of the main reasons I love living in Allen is because of a place that I can enjoy in a very special way.  Canine Commons, located in the center of The Village at Allen Shopping Center, is a 2-acre, fenced-in, off-leash dog park.  It is divided into a smaller section for pups 20 lbs and under (me) and a larger area for the Big Guys (visited occasionally).  Unlike other area dog parks, there are 350 trees to provide shade and comfort during the summer months (not to mention fixtures to be appreciated as only we dogs can), there are water fountains, picnic tables, and trash cans scattered throughout.  Dogs have a chance to exercise, play, and socialize with other pups who may not live in their neighborhood under the watchful eyes of their owners - who also get to meet and socialize with other humans with whom they might not otherwise come in contact. 





I also love the Mutt Puddle.  Located just across the drive from the dog park, it is a unique place indeed because it offers full-service grooming, as well as space and equipment for do-it-yourself groomers.  Oh, and they offer treats, supplies, and necessities too.




Some of the reasons my humans chose Allen are listed below.  I don't really know what may bring you here, but I hope to meet you soon.

1.    Allen has lowered property tax rates for the past 17 years (you will love the extra toys your humans    can now afford)

2.    Allen was voted the best neighborhood in Dallas area (According to WalletPop, AOL's consumer finance website, a study by NeighborhoodScout.com recognized Allen as the best neighborhood for the money in the Dallas metro area)

3.    Convenient to world-class dining and shopping (Dad likes to eat as much as Mom likes to shop!)

4.    Close to all amenities the major Metropolis of Dallas has to offer (29 miles)

5.    Nationally recognized public school system (You do want Junior to get a good education so that he can comfortably provide for the next generation of puppies, right?)

6.    Recreational parks and sports facilities offer something for enthusiasts of all ages

I hope you are lucky enough to join me at the dog park.  After all, our humans must be convinced that doggie play days are NOT an option.

My owner can help you find that special home too ~ Katie  


Tammy Pearce

Haute Realty ~ Dallas, Texas





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