Need some Inspiration Today?

I love this story that Michelle Gibson shared today.  As a mom who witnessed the tremendously difficult but heartwarming situation of hearing the impact my son had on the lives of those around him before he passed away this story blesses me.  I hope that you can be inspired to reach for the sky after watching this video.  And remember...if you're still here, you still have a chance to reach your potential.  It's never too late!

Need some inspiration today?

Football player scoring touchdownAs a mother, coach and niece of someone with down syndrome the following story about Ike, a football player, is truly inspiring.  Not only is Ike inspiring, so are his teammates, opponents and the entire coaching staff.

Warning:  Please grab tissues before reading and watching Ike's amazing story.

Down Syndrome Football Player Scores TD in Washington Game

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Need some Inspiration Today?
I love this story that Michelle Gibson shared today. As a mom who witnessed the tremendously difficult but heartwarming situation of hearing the impact my son had on the lives of those around him before he passed away this story blesses me. … more
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